About us

Our history is similar to many traditional air and water treatment companies. After working for many years for the large multi-national conglomerates and building up our own technical expertise we decided to have a go at improving the one area where they could have done better.

The large companies are excellent for product design, marketing and sales but there is a tendency to focus on shareholder approval and

profit development at the expense of customer satisfaction. Enviroflo focuses on customer care and meeting our clients identified needs.

We, at enviroflo, simply focus on providing the most cost effective solutions for our customers water treatment problems. We like to get involved, we like to get the job done properly, and we like to feel as though we've achieved a result at the end of the project. We're not unique, but we are different.

What we offer

Enviroflo don’t just offer chemical solutions to water treatment problems. Wherever possible we review the engineering solutions before we define a product based programme. Our legionella compliance systems are almost exclusively about the application of best engineering practices to solve a bacteriological problem.

Between us, we have consistently proved that we can provide the answers to complex technical problems, and our customers agree.

Where we deliver

We work across a broad section of UK and International water treatment boundaries covering traditional water treatment but our individual areas of speciality cover microbiology, biochemistry, chemistry, metallurgy and environmental science. Health and Safety expertise has been acquired by necessity along the way.

We have worked on projects in Chinese oil refineries, Qatari desalination plants, London hotels and a pie factory in Morecambe.

Legionella Control Association

Enviroflo ltd, in accordance with L8, is accredited by the LCA as a category 1 service provider and conforms to all aspects of the current legionella legislation.

Equipment Service

A high quality service designed specifically for customers with softeners/RO/filtration systems who value engineers that turn up on time, can do the work, and are inexpensive.

Our Mission

We don’t have a declared mission statement. What we have is a commitment from us to our customers that we will address the problems together, we’ll both be involved in the process, and jointly we’ll find a solution.


What our clients say

It is a fact that in this competitive industry complements are hard to find. Enviroflo prides itself on satisfying customer needs and we have many long term contracts. Many customers have become personal friends over the years and they are valued for who they are and not what they spend.

What our suppliers say

We pay very close attention to the suppliers we deal with. In most cases they are suppliers we have known for many years and they have proved their quality, their delivery and their pricing policies.

Our suppliers are keen to trade with us, we pay on time, we don’t complain (much), and we meet their end user quality guidelines.

Our new suppliers can be pointed to many of our current long term suppliers for trade references and we are always prepared to be externally audited by UK and overseas blue chip companies.