Enviroflo is an environmentally conscious company with a well defined focus on customer care, and is at the forefront of Health and Safety practices in the water treatment industry.

We have only three policies to which we in the enviroflo group are 100% committed.

The documents below are short forms of the actual documents. They have been designed to be quick and easy to download from the Internet. Please contact us for full versions if required.

Customer service

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We take pride in offering complete support for our customers. We make every effort to support proactively and how to fix problems that may arise. There are, however, some limitations as to what we can do:


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The company operates from our Devon offices in what is an area of natural beauty. It is appropriate that one of our priority aims is to maintain our commitment to the environment.

Health and safety

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We are steadfast in our approach to Health and Safety, both on site, and in our own offices, stores and laboratory. Great attention is paid to keeping pace with new regulations in all areas of Health and Safety. The information gained is used internally and at the same time we inform our customers via our newsletter.

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