Enviroflo provides a wide range of speciality water treatment chemical products, which have been extensively tested and proven to be very cost effective as well as assisting with legislative compliance.

Should you be unable to find your product of choice for a specific application please contact us directly as we will certainly be able to source a suitable range of products quickly and easily.

Boiler water

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There is a wide range of oxygen scavengers, scale inhibitors, sludge dispersants and multifunctional products as well as antifoams, condensate protection and other products.

Cooling water

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The cooling water product range encompasses scale and corrosion inhibitors, oxidising and non-oxidising biocides, antifoulants and multifunctional cooling water blends

Closed systems

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This product range covers both heating and closed cooling systems, and includes scale inhibitors , multi-metal corrosion inhibitors as well as powerful biocides.

Effluent treatment

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Effluent treatment requires a vast array of complex products and our range fully represents the requirements of this industry sector.

Potable Water

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Drinking water treatment is all about safe to use chemical products that reduce microbial contamination as well as protect against scale and corrosion in potable systems.

Dosage and control

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Pumps, controllers, UV, softeners and RO can be supplied. Fitting, repair and commissioning is carried out by our courteous engineers based locally to our customers.

New Technology

Enviroflo has a commitment to both source and supply a wide range of innovative products that may be required to provide solutions to difficult customer problems.

We use real world applications of highly technical science and work together with our clients to inform and assist in the areas of non-standard water and air treatments.

Time is spent in our offices, laboratory and in-field, evaluating the latest technology that may be used to improve our customers processes and save them money.

What our suppliers say

We pay very close attention to the suppliers we deal with. In most cases they are suppliers we have known for many years and they have proved their quality, their delivery and their pricing policies.

Our suppliers are keen to trade with us, we pay on time, we don’t complain (much), and we meet their end user quality guidelines.

Our new suppliers can be pointed to many of our current long term suppliers for trade references and we are always prepared to be externally audited by UK and overseas blue chip companies.