Enviroflo provides a wide range of speciality water treatment chemical products, which have been extensively tested and proven to be very cost effective as well as assisting with legislative compliance.

Should you be unable to find your product of choice for a specific application please contact us directly as we will certainly be able to source a suitable range of products quickly and easily.

Effluent treatment products

The treatment of effluent systems can be complex and involved requireing much on-site testing and analysis. The range of chemical products is vast and this page highlights only a few of the significant areas of treatment.

Flocculant/coagulent polymers

  • Cationic polymers (various molecular weights) – powders, liquids
  • Anionic polymers (various molecular weights) – powders, liquids
  • Non-ionic polymers
  • epiDMA’s
  • polyacyrylamides (cationic, anionic)
  • Polyacrylates
  • Guanidine

Bacterial products

  • Fats, oils and grease degradation
  • Filamentous bacteria control
  • Detergents/Petrochemical breakdown
  • Nitrifying/Denitrifying bacteria /li>
  • Cold weather start ups/ Shock load repair

Odour control

  • Masking agents
  • Neutralising agents
  • Bacterial agents

Miscellaneous products

  • Alkalinity builders
  • Alkalinity reduction
  • Antifoams
  • Defoamers
  • Metal Precipitants

On-site effluent testing

* visit services. More information on analytical support services.


* kitchen effluent system . The GreaseBeta and it’s fat dissolving digestion system is one of our fastest growing products.


* biological solution – works 24hrs a day
* naturally-occurring bacteria selected for fats, oil and grease digestion with high lipase activity
* fit and forget system automatic dosing – no human error
* reduces fat trap emptying


* kitchen disruptions
* offensive odours
* emergency rodding
* flood damage


* free-running drains
* elimination of odours and infestations
* controlled costs
* environmentally acceptable