Service information

Enviroflo prides itself on its unique approach to water treatment service. A rapid response is matched by both on site and laboratory analysis using staff with an expert understanding of water systems.

Our legionella compliance service covers initial audit, risk assessment, bespoke written schemes and is followed up with a well defined control system and a cost effective monitoring service.

Chemical analysis

Enviroflo provide analytical testing across the UK. Our service engineers carry comprehensive portable laboratories for testing on site. Our Devon based laboratory offers expertise for a broad range of sample analysis and product testing, responding to your system requests and suggest the most appropriate, responsive and cost-effective approach to handle the analysis. Capabilities range from routine testing to advanced analytical and microbiological research.

We understand that good customer service goes well beyond just providing high quality analytical data. We have listened to our client’s comments and suggestions and used this information to create a host of analytical services designed to meet the changing needs of our clients. Saving our clients’ time and money and providing complete customer satisfaction continue to be our goals.


Chemical treatment programmes for cooling towers and cooling systems, boiler water,  swimming pools, waste water & sewage, as well as potable water and other applications, require strict monitoring and control. Regulatory requirements, feedwater quality, process contamination and dosage control are all factors that the professional engineer must consider for optimal water management.

Regular water quality testing enables careful monitoring and management of water treatment parameters, water chemistries and improved maintenance of water quality and safety within prescribed limits.


Product innovation, changing regulations, customer problems, marketplace pressures. . . all of these can present complex situations that require specialised evaluations and analyses. Our consulting services are designed to help you meet the challenges of today’s dynamic marketplace. Better yet, you can use our services on an on-going basis to help anticipate those challenges and turn today’s ever-evolving environment into your competitive advantage.


Training is vital to the success of your analysis programme, and we’ve designed our training programmes to meet your water analysis needs. enviroflo offers hands-on laboratory analysis workshops for applications in all aspects of air and water treatment. Custom designed workshops for specific technologies and industries are also available.

Service standards

Enviroflo applies the highest level of water treatment service available and our internal company standards can be viewed by clicking here

L8 testing

A full range of legionella control system tests are carried out as part of our monitoring programmes.

These might include legionella tests, dip slides, temperature, silver and copper (used in ionisation), biofilms, mineral analysis, oxidising agents, corrosion monitoring, ATP ……

ATP testing

Worried about high levels of Bacteria? Enviroflo have the capability to carry out live bacteria testing on site; within minutes you will get your results.

This is the most cost effective hygiene monitoring technology currently available and we are pleased to be able to offer this service for all our customers.