Service information

Enviroflo prides itself on its unique approach to water treatment service. A rapid response is matched by both on site and laboratory analysis using staff with an expert understanding of water systems.

Our legionella compliance service covers initial audit, risk assessment, bespoke written schemes and is followed up with a well defined control system and a cost effective monitoring service.

Cleaning and disinfection

Enviroflo are able to offer a full pre and post-commission chemical cleaning service for our chiller and hot water system clients to enable maximum heat transfer efficiency and uncontaminated water side conditions.

In addition, our environmental staff have designed cleaning and disinfection services specifically to meet the needs of the legionella legislation.

Legionella cleaning and disinfection

The removal of bacterially contaminated dirt and debris in hot and cold water storage systems is mandatory under the L8 guidelines and enviroflo provides a first class bespoke service that meets or exceeds the regulations. Our environmental division always works in accordance with our own legionella control system standards which we believe to be the highest in the industry.

The applicable regulations (L8) also specify that cooling towers and condensers need to be cleaned biannually in order to prevent the growth of legionella bacteria. An important component of your legionella control programme would be to have this work carried out to the highest standard and certificated for inclusion in your legionella logbook.

Typical services include:

* Emergency disinfection and cleaning .
* Cleaning and sterilisation programmes for water systems and supplies.
* Sterilisation of interrupted water supplies.
* System monitoring and control, legionella testing, potability etc.
* System design, improvements, refurbishments and retro-fits.
* Planned, preventive legionella control systems.

Enviroflo specialise in both existing building, and new build, chlorinations. Our sterilisation standard is BS 6700: 2006 + A1:2009. Job method statements are provided, along with relevant safety data, for each undertaking

Chiller and hot water systems

A good cleaning maintenance programme for chillers will increase operating efficiency, reduce energy costs, reduce downtime and provide more reliable performance of the chiller system. The comfort of building occupants is very important and maintaining a clean chiller system will provide for greater comfort during the summer months. Equally, scale, corrosion and bacteria free water systems improve both efficiency and safety in semi-closed mould/oil cooling systems.

enviroflo has become one of the premier service providers to the refrigeration industry carrying out a wide range of water treatment services that includes pre-commission chemical cleaning, post-installation, and on-line dynamic flushing.

enviroflo works to the criteria defined by the leading agencies in this key area of industry, including CIBSE and BSRIA.

Chemical applications

Most of our cleaning chemicals have been formulated specifically for:

* Pre-commission cleaning
* Post commission cleaning
* Dynamic flushing
* Disinfection and sterilisation
* Surface cleaning

The documentation supplied is of a very high standard and maintains the same format across each report. This generates a new level of consistency and enables easy understanding of the practical solutions and guidance within the documents.


There is a wide range of applicable technology for chemical cleaning. Listed below is just a fraction of the available range.

* Acid cleaners
* Alkaline cleaners
* Polymeric surfactants
* Chlorine/Bromine products
* Single cleaning and disinfection products
* Silver/peroxide sterilants

MSDS and product data sheets are available for all chemical products as are COSHH sheets specific to their application.

Products can be designed for your specific cleaning application – please contact us with details of your particular problem.