Service information

Enviroflo prides itself on its unique approach to water treatment service. A rapid response is matched by both on site and laboratory analysis using staff with an expert understanding of water systems.

Our legionella compliance service covers initial audit, risk assessment, bespoke written schemes and is followed up with a well defined control system and a cost effective monitoring service.

Water Treatment Equipment Service

At Enviroflo our main objective is to maintain our customer care programmes. Our engineering support package includes for a 24 hour rapid response and speedy technical backup to enable continuous employment of expensive equipment. Downtime on dosing equipment, for example, can cost huge sums in terms of lost production, incorrect product usage and future health and safety issues.

Of course, we are able to supply any water related equipment and we specialise in chemical dosage and control equipment. We can design a bespoke system for any chemical application and our service partners assist in the more advanced area of electronics.

Chemical dosage and control

We offer small pumps for dosing exact volumes of inhibitors, biocides, polymers and other chemical products. These are often controlled by complex electronic instrumentation to achieve the desired results for process control.

Most of our instrumentation is built into custom designed control panels already wired for easy site installation by, either ourselves, or by your own engineers.

Of course, full instruction manuals and installation guides are provided for those customers who wish to commission the systems themselves.

Repair and maintenance is usually straightforward as our engineers carry spares packs for the units that we supply.

Softeners, demin, RO and ultrafiltration Systems

We both supply and service these types of water related equipment and offer a 24 hour rapid response to any maintenance problems. Typically we are able to either repair, or replace, as required within a very fast turnaround time. This assists our customers in maintaining a consistent process function and keeps unplanned costs to a minimum. Advice is available for customers seeking information on the correct type of equipment for their processes.


In recent times enviroflo have been able to take advantage of a reciprocal trading agreement with one of our associate companies. This has allowed to us to both sell and service commercial and industrial packaged chiller units. There is a significant cost benefit to our clients, particularly those on a chiller service contract.

As well as being competitive in sales and service of chiller units we can now offer chillers for hire.

Spa’s, pools and other systems

Enviroflo provides exceptional service to these types of water systems, maintaining the consistent level of service excellence for which it is renowned.

Serviced equipment

* Softeners
* Demineralisation plant
* Dosing equipment
* Control equipment
* Reverse Osmosis
* Ultrafiltration
* Effluent systems
* Spa baths
* Swimming Pools
* Chillers
* Miscellaneous systems