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Enviroflo prides itself on its unique approach to water treatment service. A rapid response is matched by both on site and laboratory analysis using staff with an expert understanding of water systems.

Our legionella compliance service covers initial audit, risk assessment, bespoke written schemes and is followed up with a well defined control system and a cost effective monitoring service.

Legionella Compliance

Enviroflo is a renowned specialist within the air and water treatment industry and is recognised as a category one accredited specialist (LCA) in the area of legionella compliance. We work across many industries and commercial institutions providing complete solutions to our customers in the key areas of Health and Safety, regulatory and legislative conformity.

Legionnaires disease

The applicable document (HSC/HSE Document: ‘Legionnaires’ disease The control of Legionella bacteria in water systems : Approved Code of Practice & Guidance L8) is provided by the Health and Safety Commission and is in its 3rd edition. Commonly referred to as L8, it describes the requirements for compliance with statutory guidelines.

The code places specific statutory responsibilities on employers and others for:

Identification and assessment of risk

Systems that are susceptible to colonisation by Legionella and that incorporate a potential means for creating and disseminating water aerosols should be identified and their risk assessed. Consideration should be given both to the routine operation or use of the system and to the likely effect of breakdown, abnormal operation or unusual circumstances.

When a reasonably foreseeable risk is identified the person on whom the statutory duty falls should appoint a person to take managerial responsibility and to provide supervision for the implementation of precautions.

Preparation of a scheme for prevention or control

A written scheme should be prepared for preventing or controlling identiflegionellaied risk. It is necessary that persons who carry out the assessment and who draw up and implement measures should have the ability, experience, knowledge and training to allow them to carry out their tasks competently and safely. Where expertise on certain aspects of the risk or precautions is not available in-house, it should be drawn from external bodies such as consultants or Legionella specialists. The person given managerial responsibility must ensure, as far as possible, the competence of those carrying out the work on his behalf.

Implementation and management of precautions

Responsibilities delegated to staff and lines of communication must be properly defined and clearly set out. Persons that are delegated tasks must be properly trained and competent. The effectiveness of the precautions must be monitored and staff with a role to play in taking precautions must be supervised. Arrangements should be made to allow for staff being absent from duties so that precautions are still implemented.

legionellosisCommunications and management procedures are particularly important where several people are responsible for different aspects of the treatment or precautions. In these circumstances, responsibilities should be well defined in writing and understood by all concerned.

Keeping of records

To ensure that precautions continue to be implemented and adequate information is available for checking as to what is done in practice; an updated record should be kept in a locally available logbook. Precautionary measures and treatments, monitoring results and remedial work should be logged and signed or initialled by the person who has carried out the work. Sufficient information should be recorded to show that measures have been carried out and monitored conscientiously.

Service providers

It is sometimes the case that it is possible for site to carry out the works in-house. Where there may be no qualified risk assessor or external certification is required, consider the use of a service povider with a proven history of success in this critical area.

Be aware of your responsibilities – you can not pass those responsibilities on to your service provider.

Enviroflo ltd

Enviroflo ltd, as a specialist in the area of legionella compliance, can provide:-

* Legionella audits
* Legionella risk assessments
* Legionella risk control
* Legionella training
* Legionella written schemes
* Environmental services
* Documentary support
* Constant updates
* Compliant paperwork

The documentation supplied is of a very high standard and maintains the same format across each report.

This generates a new level of consistency and enables easy understanding of the practical solutions and guidance within the documents.

What systems should be assessed?

Almost any system that contains water should be assessed whether or not it creates an aerosol; even if it is deemed to be a fully closed system it should be assessed, defined as no risk and noted in the official risk assessment report.

Review actual requirements by system here…..

L8 – available from the HSE

For your own electronic copy of L8, The control of legionella bacteria in water systems. Approved Code of Practice and Guidance, please follow this link………

– L8 – the document

The document is free for download.