Service information

Enviroflo prides itself on its unique approach to water treatment service. A rapid response is matched by both on site and laboratory analysis using staff with an expert understanding of water systems.

Our legionella compliance service covers initial audit, risk assessment, bespoke written schemes and is followed up with a well defined control system and a cost effective monitoring service.

Tech Check

Water quality testing

Tech Check is a water analysis service which has been designed to provide the engineer or maintenance manager with a rapid service for validation of water quality in a closed system be it chilled water, or a central heating circuit.

What is it for?

Tech Check can be used during system commissioning either after initial cleaning and flushing or after treatment with inhibitors and biocides. It can also be used on existing systems for a health check to ensure the system is working efficiently and to diagnose any potential long term health problems.

How does it work?

Tech Check is supplied in a returnable plastic box that contains two sample containers, one for the system make up, and one for the circulating water. Full instructions are supplied along with a pre-printed label for return of the samples to our Devon laboratory.

What happens next?

Analyses are carried out in our Devon laboratory and a full report is supplied that contains the results of all analyses undertaken, a full interpretation of these results, and recommendations for any corrective action.

The report can be sent by post or directly by email.

Water Treatment

Careful monitoring and control of the water environment is paramount and is the first line of defence for employees, contractors and the general public.

Enviroflo believe that there has been a low level of technology improvements in the area of water treatment chemicals over the past 50 years and is firmly of the opinion that the high quality relationship between the supplier and the user is of much more value in the fight against water problems.

Many of our clients work very closely with us openly and transparently to solve problems together; both of us using having a singular objective – cost effective and safe water treatment.